IRQR (International Railroad for Queer Refugees) IRQR is a registered charity in Canada provide support and counseling to Iranian queers asylum seekers and refugees worldwide. IRQR follows up with their Iranian queer refugee cases from when to leave until they arrive in a safe country and are supportive during the entire refugee process. IRQR regularly visits Turkey to meet refugees, document their situation and collect their feedback on IRQR activities. IRQR has worked closely with the UNHCR office, NGOs and the government to assist refugees. IRQR extends possibly financial and educational support to those currently in transit countries through donations. They connect asylum seekers and refugees with UNHCR offices around the world. IRQR has also the commitment to help refugees resettle in safe countries through referrals for housing, employment, legal aid; as well as supporting clients through emotional and health-related issues. In the last few years, they built a simple structure and focus upon enabling Iranian queer asylum seekers to be safe on their journey and arrive in a new country to live and be free.