Elles Cameroun

ELLES CAMEROUN is a Cameroonian association thought, made, led and coordinated by lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LBTQ) women. It was born in Douala in September 2010 and was legalised in October 2015 to address the needs of multiple target communities: LBTQs, women who have sex with women (FSWs), especially those who want to have children, and sex workers (SWs).

The context in Cameroon, with Law 347-1 criminalising same-sex sexual relations, has created a climate of persecution in the city of Douala that leads to discrimination against FSF. Initially, the association's activities were specifically aimed at people discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation. Then, ELLES CAMEROUN realised that in the vast majority of community groups and friendships, there are sex workers (SWs) who are sometimes in search of guidance. She therefore decided to focus on this target group, which is also part of her community, as well as another important category, which includes female drug users (DU).


Priority areas of intervention

ELLES CAMEROUN is specialised in :

  • PROMOTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, facilitating access to information, training and education for people discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation;
  • THE ADVOCACY, in order to effectively represent discriminated LBTQ/TS on the national and international scene, and to raise public awareness of the problems related to their conditions;
  • DOCUMENTATION: the association collects information and material on LBTQ/TS issues to make them accessible to the general public;
  • FAMILY MEDIATION, in order to help excluded LBTQ to reintegrate the family and/or professional environment, and to contribute to their social reintegration;
  • HEALTH SPECIFIC to FSF, STI/HIV prevention in FSF settings, health care.

ELLES CAMEROUN dreams of a Cameroonian society that is egalitarian for all genders, democratic and tolerant, respectful of the rights of all.



Elles Cameroun works to form a valued, individual, social and economic rights claiming, dynamic and self-promoting community of LBTQ/UD/TS women.



  • to foster exchanges and relationships between members of its community and their surroundings;
  • promote the human rights of LBTQ/TS by combating gender-based violence;
  • promote LBTQ/UD/TS entrepreneurship to ensure that they are given the consideration they deserve in society;
  • raise awareness of STIs/AIDS and achieve access to medically assisted abortion (MVA).

To contact the association Elles Cameroun, please contact the Maison Arc-en-Ciel of the Province of Luxembourg.