Afrique Arc-en-ciel (AAEC)

Villa N1553 derrière la HAAC


18 BP 320 Lomé 18 Lomé


+228 92 07 89 54 / 90 30 32 31



To work towards building a Togolese society that respects diversity and is free from stigmatisation and discrimination as well as all forms of rights violations based on gender identity and sexual orientation.



  • to contribute to the development of Togo's LGBTQIA+ communities by creating a tolerant society that respects fundamental rights
  • to contribute to universal access to prevention, care and appropriate treatment for LGBTQIA+ communities
  • advocate for the protection of the human rights of populations vulnerable to HIV and discriminated against LGBTQIA+;
  • fight against all forms of discrimination;
  • Promote meaningful representation and participation of vulnerable and discriminated populations in local, national and international decision-making bodies;
  • strengthen mechanisms to document human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • raise awareness and advocate for an enabling environment and a tolerant society on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.