I fled from a religious country to the capital of Europe as supporter of the LGBT family - Belgium to save my life and achieve the basic rights of a human being, considering that I am gay.

Upon entering here, when I informed my Social Assistant that I was gay, her first sentence was "This must be a secret, otherwise it will be a big problem for you, and if extremists find out, they may hurt you"

I was very sad after hearing this sentence

I was sentenced to the same life in Iran for many years, and now in one of the most civilised countries in the world, I must be careful that no one in the refugee camp notices I am different.

The centre I am living in is in one of the most remote cities in Belgium and is far from Brussels and cities like Antwerp and Liege where most of LGBT organisations are active, holding festivals, important meetings and activities and supporting LGBT people. 

Whenever I want to talk to new friends I met in cyberspace, because my roommates mostly understand English, I must leave there and go to a private place. I can never be comfortable in bed or in the room with my friends like other people talking on the phone.

I can't even talk comfortably in Farsi with my friends on the phone because there are many Persian-speakers here, from Iran and Afghanistan.

People who live in the centre have no information about LGBT issues with religious prejudices on them. If they accidentally find out about it, the centre will really become a real hell for me.

And in the end, these made me to be a distant and depressed human being.

I know that there are many people like me suffering in the same way. 

I escaped from hell, and you put me in another hell.