Refugee in Belgium

I never intended to come to Belgium, nor to leave my country because I was fighting to get out of it. I had my shoe shop, so I didn't want to leave it. I had my own private life too, but in my country people say it's witchcraft, it's a white man's disease, it's a sect...                              

In June 2020 I had an argument with Jeremy, my boyfriend. My neighbour heard the shouting and so he went upstairs, I had forgotten to close the door, Jeremy and I were in the living room. We made up and were kissing when the neighbour came in and caught us. He shouted́ 'witchcraft', hit me and the other neighbours dragged us out and took me naked to the public square. Jeremy was able to run away. They hit me for over an hour with burning pieces gay is beaten or even killed by the population. If you are lucky, someone will call the police and you will be taken to prison. After more than an hour of torture, the police took me away. I stayed three days in the police station without clothes. Jeremy finally helped me with the help of a police contact to escape. I asked to go to the toilet, and I had to climb a wall after the policeman had shot in the air. He had warned me that I should flee the country.