I am Gullpanra, a male transgender from Afghanistan. I love cross-dressing, and since my childhood, I used to dress like a girl and wear daily makeup. In my childhood, my family had no problem considering it something funny. When I was 17 years old, I got married to a woman. Then I had now accessed women's clothes and cosmetics then I continued wearing makeup and dressing up like a lady time by time. After a while, my wife found me accidentally in her dress and make-up. She was shocked and immediately reported me to my father and uncle, although she admitted it after about a year. 

There were a lot of rumours, and people of the village were talking about me. They called me Hijra (means shemale in Pashto language) as an insulting word which made me very upset. 

One of my uncles was furious and had sworn to kill me. By circulating people’s talks, the Taliban was also noticed. They came to my father asking him to submit your son to us and we know how to make him a straight man. My life turned to hell. Finally, my father decided to send me to Europe and after a year and half I arrived in Belgium and claimed asylum. 

I want to explore my own world here in Europe. I want to breathe freedom and want to be myself.