Women Refugee Committee Belgium


Woman Refugee Committee Belgium (WRCBE) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation as an initiative sponsored by UNHCR in Belgium aims to promote the rights of refugee and asylum-seeking women and girls in Belgium refugees. Their mission is to ensure that women and girls have access to legal and social support, education, and employment opportunities, and to advocate for policies that protect their rights.

Some of the specific programs and services offered by WRCBE include legal and social counselling, language classes, job training, and educational support. They also work to raise awareness about the experiences of refugee and asylum-seeking women and girls through public events, social media, and other outreach activities.  

WRCBBE Belgium is an independent organisation and relies on donations and support from individuals and organisations to carry out its work. Their Facebook page provides updates on their activities and events, as well as information on how to get involved and support their work. The organisation focuses on providing direct support to women and girls, as well as conducting research and advocacy on their behalf.