VIA Schaerbeek

Rue Kessels 14

1030 Schaerbeek

VIA Molenbeek

Bd Leopold II 170

1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

+32 25635250




VIA is a multidisciplinary & multicultural team for building the reception of newly arrived immigrants in Brussels. VIA is a Welcome Office for First-Arrivers (BAPA) authorised by the French Community Commission (COCOF). The mission of the organisation is to offer a welcome course in French in Brussels to new-commers who are living in Belgium for less than three years and with a residence permit validity of over three months.

BAPA VIA has two locations in the municipalities of Molenbeek Saint-Jean and Schaerbeek, each equipped with a team of motivated, experienced and competent social workers in reception, training and accompaniment policy. 

The aim of the reception path is to welcome and support newly arrived immigrants, help them acquire basic knowledge about how Belgian society works so that they can live independently and increase their social, economic and cultural participation. BAPA VIA offers a free reception path comprising personal support in citizenship and French courses and socio-professional guidance.