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4000 Liège

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PraTIQ stands for "Plateforme Régionale des Associations Trans, Inter et Queer". It is the Walloon platform elaborated by Prisme to put in touch the different associations working with trans, queer and intersex people, but also to centralize information about these communities. 

The goals of PraTIQ are:

  • To centralize as much information as possible about trans, queer and intersex identities in order to help these communities themselves, but also anyone who is in contact with them for personal or professional reasons,
  • To facilitate access to professional services (medical and otherwise) for trans, queer and intersex people,
  • To facilitate communication between associations, groups and individuals working with these groups,
  • To give greater visibility to these associations and groups and the work they do on a daily basis,
  • To be a united voice in political advocacy for the advancement of the rights of transgender, queer and intersex people in Belgium.