Plan F


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Plan F asbl focuses on healthcare policy for transgender individuals. Plan F covers the costs of gender confirmation procedures, including hormone therapy and gender-affirmating surgery. Under Plan F, transgender individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria may receive coverage for gender-affirmating procedures, as well as related care such as psychiatric and psychological support.  

Plan F is part of Belgium's national healthcare system and is available to all legal residents of the country who meet the eligibility criteria including asylum seekers and refugees.

In Belgium, transgender asylum seekers and refugees have access to the same healthcare benefits as Belgian citizens, including Plan F coverage for gender-affirmating procedures.

Transgender asylum seekers and refugees in Belgium can apply for Plan F coverage by presenting a file called “Medical report demonstrating that the beneficiary meets the conditions for intervention in the cost of the multidisciplinary support program for transidentity” signed by a qualified healthcare professional. If their application is approved, they may be eligible for coverage of gender-affirmating procedures, as well as related care such as hormone therapy and psychologic support.  

Here are additional services offered by Plan F:

  • Reception and information on issues of gender identity or sexual orientation, and referral to the LGBTQIA+ association network
  • Psychological support: individual or couple psychotherapeutic consultations
  • Social and legal support
  • Medical consultations: gynaecology and sexual health (screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections)
  • Feminising or masculinising hormonal medical follow-up by appointment only on Wednesdays from 9:00 to 13:00 (Dr Kerverdo and Marie Rodriguez).
  • Reception of the LGBTQIA+ public, hormonal consultation for transgender people
  • Family Planning Center: reception and information on contraception and pregnancy testing, voluntary termination of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.
  • Accompaniment of pregnant women with psychosocial difficulties.