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1030 Schaarbeek

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Medimmigrant is a non-profit organisation which was initially founded in 1994 under the name of 'Medisch Steunpunt Mensen Zonder Papieren' (medical support centre for undocumented migrants). The organisation was renamed 'Medimmigrant' in 2005. They serve people and organisations in the Brussels Capital Region. Their target audiences are:  

  • People without legal residence or in a precarious residence situation
  • People related to them (family, friends, etc.)
  • Professionals in the medical, social and legal sectors.

Medimmigrant’ expertise is access to health care, the residency and return of people with medical problems, and the social rights of seriously ill people. They offer:

  • Individual support for people in a precarious residence situation (with or without a temporary residence permit) who live in the Brussels-capital region and who have medical needs. Information can be obtained by phone (Monday, Thursday and Friday morning from 10:00 to 13:00, Tuesday from 14:00 to 18:00) and e-mail.
  • Information and training for organisations, associations and services which work with these people, and which are located in the Brussels-capital region.

Their website is interesting for obtaining information on health care by residence status, by type of reimbursement, in specific medical situations, etc. There are also various brochures in several languages which are very interesting in terms of general information in this field.