Genres Pluriels


rue des Grands Carmes 20-22

1000 Brussels

+ 32 487632343




Genres Pluriels, founded in 2007 is an association that aims to support, enhance, and improve rights, combat discrimination, and make visible the existence of genderfluid, transgender, and intersex people and defend their rights. The association is also a platform for information, training, action, vigilance, and research. It also works to raise awareness about transgender and intersex issues in Belgium and to promote social inclusion and equality for all individuals regardless of their gender identity, sex and/or gender expression.

Genres Pluriels offers a range of service sand supports to transgender, genderfluid, and intersex individuals including asylum seekers and refugees, namely psychosocial, psychotherapeutic and/or sexotherapeutic reception, counseling, and individual interviews in Brussels, Liège, Tournai,Verviers, Charleroi, Mons, Ottignies, Namur, and Eupen.

They also have informative appointments for people who just need information about a trans-specific processes (HRT, surgery,ID modification, etc.). In addition, they organise monthly meetings and speaking groups, wellness/leisure activities, training, advocacy, and legal support.


They also offer the following services:


  • The "Festival annuel tous les genres sont dans la culture"
  • Trans*/inter*psycho-medico-social network is a network of psycho-medico-social professionals that have been trained about transidentities and intersex thematics. The aim is that when people need a doctor (or a psychiatrist or a lawyer or any professional in the psycho-medico-social sector) they can be redirected towards those professionals who will be able to handle the situation without discrimination
  • Training for professionals, recurrent and on request for groups
  • Awareness raising/information for the general public: workshop “Atelier desensibilisation aux transidentités” The same exists for intersex thematics named “Atelier de sensibilisation aux intersexuations”, Drag King,Feminisation, Masculinisation workshops
  • Working groups: Health, Media, Legislation, Training, and Inter*.
  • Youth Unit
  • Hosting of students/interns