Face à Toi Même


Rue Jardon, 25

4800 Verviers

+32 478268653



Formerly known as Héméra, the non-profit organization Face à Toi Même (in Rnglish: Face Yourself) was established under this name in 2018. It came into existence because of there were no associations in Wallonia that provided support to transgender individuals and their loved ones. Nathéo, the founder of the association, envisioned an inclusive organisation that would cater to all individuals, offering guidance and support for a smooth transition towards personal comfort. Today, Face à Toi Même has experienced significant growth, forged numerous collaborations and gained recognition as an association dedicated to the transgender community. Currently, the association operates throughout the French-speaking region of Belgium, with its headquarters situated in Verviers.

Face à Toi Même committed to providing a warm welcome and a compassionate listening ear to transgender individuals, those with questio ns about their gender identity, and their families. They strive to raise awareness and educate society and the professional world about trans-identity issues, aiming to foster understanding and acceptance. Additionally, the organisation actively promotes positive visibility and advocates for the rights of transgender people, working diligently to combat all forms of transphobic and queerphobic discrimination. They organise, support, and coordinate actions geared towards fighting discrimination related to gender identity and/or expression. Face à Toi Même creates a safe and welcoming environment where individuals can connect through organized meetings, ensuring respect for each person's unique identity and expression.

Face à Toi Même engages in a range of activities to fulfill its mission. They organise monthly meetings held in welcoming and secure spaces, often hosted at different Maisons Arc-en-ciel (LGBTQIA+ community centers in Wallonia). These gatherings serve as friendly forums where individuals can connect and find support. The organisation also offers individual interviews, providing personalised guidance and assistance to transgender individuals. Additionally, Face à Toi Même facilitates discussion groups specifically designed for the relatives of transgender individuals, offering a supportive environment for sharing experiences and addressing concerns. To further their cause, Face à Toi Même collaborates with various sectors, including social, cultural, associative, medical, legal, and political domains. They work to raise awareness and educate professionals on effectively supporting transgender individuals. This includes training sessions that cover topics such as how to interact with transgender people, inclusive language usage, different hormone treatments, ...