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Convivial is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels. The organisation’s primary objective is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to individuals who are refugees or foreigners recently settled in Brussels, helping them create a life plan in Belgium.

For refugees, Convivial offers assistance in settling down and completing administrative procedures. They provide a welcoming and supportive environment, help with housing searches, guide individuals through social, legal, and administrative procedures, and offer information and support during family reunification processes. Additionally, Convivial provides essential material aid such as food parcels, clothing, furniture, and other household materials on a regular basis to refugees in need.

Convivial has also been recognized as a BAPA, it means an integration agency for newcomers with legal residence in Brussels, including refugees. Newcomers who wish to participate in the French-speaking reception program can benefit from Convivial's services as well. The newcomers have access to a social support and to citizenship classes to understand their rights and duties and gain knowledge about Belgium.  

For refugees and newcomers looking for employment or training, Convivial offers support and advice in obtaining diploma equivalency, as well as guidance in the job search process. They provide assistance in navigating digital tools and offer training opportunities, such as carpentry workshops.

In addition to its core services, Convivial actively promotes awareness and fosters a sense of community and inclusivity through various initiatives. They organize activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting living together harmoniously among people from diverse backgrounds.

Overall, Convivial is an organisation that warmly welcomes refugees and newcomers, providing them with comprehensive support in various aspects of their lives. From settling down and completing administrative procedures to language learning, social integration, employment assistance, and engagement in social and cultural activities, Convivial strives to empower individuals and help them successfully integrate into Belgian society.