Rue de la Charity 43

1210 Brussels

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The non-profit organization Brabantia was founded in 1974, after more and more social workers were confronted with the phenomenon of growing vulnerability. Based on the idea that you are stronger together, several aid associations in the Brussels-Capital Region joined forces starting a new Center for Social Services under the name Brabantia. Their daily work can be summarized as 'Social integration and the fight against poverty'. Each employee pays special attention to the individuality, living conditions and resilience of everyone who calls on them. They aim to fight poverty and provide structural support to anyone who wishes to do so. Their center has about thirty social workers. They are in permanent contact with many other associations to guarantee optimal functioning. After an initial reception and a situation analysis, our Center for Social Services offers guidance or referral that meets the needs as fully as possible. Appropriate assistance and follow-up are always sought. Depending on the person's choice of language, this can be done in French or in Dutch. The social workers respond to individual needs, help develop social ties, obtain basic rights and combat exclusion and vulnerability. In order to realize this, they also focus on the accountability, integration and autonomy of each person. At the same time, the social workers see it as their duty to report shortcomings, distressing situations and legal errors, so that they find their way to the involved or competent authorities.