Pictogram Freedom-seeker


Pictogram Freedom-seeker

CHercheur.euse de liberté

Pictogram Homeless person


Pictogram Asylum seeker


Pictogram Asylum seeker

Demandeur.euse.s de protection internationale

Pictogram Refugee


Pictogram Refugee


Pictogram Professional


Pictogram Professional


Orange card

What is Orange Card?

An immatriculation certificate (AI) or orange card is a provisional residence permit that you receive as an applicant for international protection (asylum seeker). The certificate also states whether you can work. You can obtain an AI from the municipality if you have an Annex 26. If you have made a subsequent application, you will only receive an AI if the CGRS has declared your request admissible.

How can you get your orange card?

After you were transferred to the new center from the arrival center, it means that you have an address in Belgium and you need to go to the municipality of the region you are residing to request for it. You will need a photo and an amount of money (normally 11 euros which will be paid by the center) and make an appointment. Your assistant in the center will arrange everything for you.

Renew your Orange Card

After four months you are able to extend your orange card every 3 months. Once you renew your orange card at the municipality, it will automatically state: 'Labour market: unlimited'. You can practice all professions in Belgium.

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