Pictogram Freedom-seeker


Pictogram Freedom-seeker

CHercheur.euse de liberté

Pictogram Homeless person


Pictogram Asylum seeker


Pictogram Asylum seeker

Demandeur.euse.s de protection internationale

Pictogram Refugee


Pictogram Refugee


Pictogram Professional


Pictogram Professional



General information

To drive a car in Belgium, you must have a valid International or Belgian driving licence. If you are recognised as a refugee or asylum and have already obtained a driving licence in your country of origin, you can use it to apply for a Belgian driving licence.

List of countries whose driving licences are recognised in Belgium can be found in following link:


Converting driving licence into Belgian version

You can apply for a driving licence at the municipality of your region. 

You need to stay at least 185 days in Belgium to be able to apply for this service. 

You must present the following documents to municipality:

  • Valid driving licence that you wish to exchange
  • Sworn formal translation of your driving licence into English, Dutch or French
  • Your orange card
  • Recent passport photo (it is possible to take it simply with an automatic machine in municipality with the price of 6 € for 6 pictures.)
  • Residency document like an orange card
  • 26 € , which refers to the price of the conversion

The procedure normally takes two weeks.

A new Belgian driving licence

If you do not have a driving licence or your driving licence is not recognised, you will have to obtain it in Belgium. To learn how to drive a car, you can choose between a free course with a provisional driving licence or a course at a driving school. In certain cases, training in a driving school is compulsory.

You need to take a theoretical exam in Dutch, in French or with the help of a sworn interpreter in German or English and a practical driving exam in an official examination centre. 

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