Refugee Coalition of East Africa

The Refugee Coalition of East Africa (RefCEA) is an umbrella organisation uniting LGBTQIA+ refugees across East Africa charged with a mission of advocacy, strategy, fundraising, and research. RefCEA participates in a widespread food distribution drive to LGBTQIA+ refugees throughout Nairobi and the surrounding areas. They also provide a sustainable and safe means of living, an escape from poverty, self-reliance, and real hope for the future through business proposals from four groups of LGBTQIA+ refugees in East Africa. The Refugee Coalition of East Africa’s mission is to unite the various independent grassroots LGBTQIA+ refugee organisations in Kenya and East Africa under one umbrella organisation, to facilitate long-term planning, advocacy and representation, to provide fiscal management and fundraising support, and to oversee research initiatives representing the LGBTQIA+ refugee community.