Ivory Coast

Humanist Club, Living Together (CHVE)

Ivory Coast

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  • The involvement of young people in the search for solutions to the problems they face is essential and constitutes one of the priorities for the sustainable development of our country and our continent;
  • The involvement of young people is one of the essential conditions for mobilising around democracy, freedom, equality and living together;
  • The well-being, empowerment and respect of human rights around youth are major axes of the sustainable development policy of our continent Africa;

The association "Club humaniste, vivre ensemble" (CHVE) brings together young people, boys and girls, aged between 16 and 40, living throughout Côte d'Ivoire or Africa, as well as those belonging to the diaspora.

The establishment of this association is a response to the concern to involve young people in living together, to promote democracy and to defend human rights without any form of discrimination 


The aim of the NGO CLUB HUMANISTE, VIVRE ENSEMBLE is to promote democracy and universal human values.


CLUB HUMANISTE, VIVRE ENSEMBLE pursues the following objectives:

  • promote secularism among youth and civil society;
  • promoting democracy ;
  • promoting equality ;
  • promoting freedom ;
  • promote free examination ;
  • promote autonomy.


CHVE believes in Ivory Coast where in each family, in each company, in each institution, in each community, in each school, in each part of the national territory, people can live their private lives free from any form of discrimination, rejection or stigmatisation, and are duly considered in the respect of their human rights for a strong and inclusive participation in the development of Ivory Coast and Africa


  • to improve the quality of life of Ivorian and African youth in harmony, dignity, equity and equality;
  • to create a friendly environment where young people can meet to discuss and exchange secular values;
  • to raise awareness among young people about living together without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, social class, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, etc. ;
  • inform and educate youth and civil society on the separation of state and religion;
  • to develop partnerships with national and international secular organisations in the framework of the association's mission;
  • collaborate with national and international institutions to improve the living conditions of Ivorian and African youth;
  • encourage decision-makers to engage with young people to address the issues they face.

Action strategies to achieve its objectives

  • creation and distribution of flyers ;
  • organisation of information and awareness-raising sessions on secular values;
  • organisation of workshops with civil society and youth organisations from Ivory Coast, Africa and the world;
  • capacity building of its members on secular issues;
  • organisation of discussion groups ;
  • awareness raising, promotion of democracy and respect for human rights through socio-cultural activities;
  • creation of branches in other provinces of Ivory Coast.

Areas of intervention

Club humaniste, vivre ensemble intervenes in the following areas

  • democracy,
  • development,
  • respect for human rights,
  • respect for universal human values.