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ASTI or "Action de solidarité transgenres et intersexes" is an ASBL of young transgender and intersex people created in July 2017 in the territory of Fizi, province of South Kivu in DR Congo, whose mission is to promote and defend the rights of transgender and intersex people through capacity building, advocacy, exchanges, mobilisation, documentation and an active fight against all forms of discrimination and especially against the double discrimination of being transgender/intersex people and sex workers.

The association was born out of the desire to defend the rights and human values of transgender and intersex people in a particular context (pressures and demands of African custom).

 Action de solidarité transgenres et intersexes has 20 members including: 4 lesbians, 7 transgender, 3 intersex, 5 sex workers whose average age varies between 15 and 40 years.

The main objectives are as follows:

  • to promote and defend the rights of trans and intersex people
  • to ensure the physical integrity, autonomy and self-determination of transgender and intersex people
  • work to end violence against transgender and intersex people;
  • to combat stigma, discrimination, intimidation and social exclusion experienced by transgender and intersex people
  • to break their isolation;
  • Contribute to the dissemination of laws, conventions and national and international instruments ratified by the DRC relating to the rights of transgender and intersex people;
  • raise awareness and fight against HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 


Activistes :

  • Promoting the rights and strengthening the health literacy of transgender and intersex communities and individuals through training, meetings, awareness raising and other communication channels;
  • assisting, mentoring and coaching transgender and intersex youth in livelihood development through income-generating activities, farming, IT services, business initiatives and various professional trades for economic empowerment;
  • organising lobbying and advocacy activities for the implementation and applicability of national and international laws and legal instruments ratified by the D.R. Congo for the promotion of the rights of transgender and intersex people in all sectors.