100% Égaux

100% Égaux is a young non-profit organisation, founded in August 2012. It carries out activities that respect human rights, gender equality and gay rights. It is also a school of citizenship where each member can freely express himself/herself and take responsibility for the success of common projects.


Objectives and mission:

- to raise awareness for a better understanding of homosexuals, their relationships and their lives;

- To fight against all forms of violence and discrimination against homosexuals;

- to work for the marriage of homosexuals;

- to provide assistance to homosexuals rejected by their families.

The association's main mission is to meet with LGBTQIA+ individuals to hear their deepest concerns and the problems they encounter in order to find solutions with them that will facilitate their fulfilment within society. Indeed, homosexuality is considered inhumane by the Beninese population.


To join the 100% Égaux association, please contact the Maison Arc-en-Ciel of the Province of Luxembourg.