Rainbow House, InQlusion


Rue du Marché au Charbon 42

1000 Brussels

+32 491 61 18 66

+ 32 2 503 59 90

The Rainbow House organises group activities, meetings as well as a personalised follow-up, if necessary, to each LGBTQIA+ who wishes to get political asylum from the Belgian state, or to regularise his/her legal status on our territory. The meeting opportunities allow these persons to join forces in a pleasant manner, and the follow-ups attempt to lighten the legal journey of the regularisation application.

InQlusion Brussels is an association founded in 2010 specialised in LGBTQIA+ issues in the context of intercultural, asylum and migration. They have speaking groups for refugees and asylum seekers in English on every Thursday 14:00–15:30 and for French speakers every Friday at 14:00–15:30.